Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Directed Christopher McQuarrie). 2015


A spy thriller starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt and that fabulous theme music.

The Mission Impossible team is being challenged by CIA  chief Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), after a head of state turns up dead, and the Kremlin is crushed to dust. The Senate Committee on Intelligence questions Jeremy Brandt, the leader of the IM team (Jeremy Renner) who keeps quoting the law (“I cannot answer the question without the permission of the secretary”) about whether the successful missions are the result of intelligence and strategy or just dumb luck.

Hunley is on all of the beloved team’s (played by Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Renner) cases when Ethan vanishes in order to gather his own brief on the Syndicate, a bunch of retired, claimed dead, or missing spies responsible for a several nefarious actions (the disappearance of a plane, the poisoning of water in a populous village, an explosion etc) that might seem random but actually build up to a terrorists’ love of mayhem.

Tom is his usual derring do self, ready to spring into action, even if it means hanging on to the edge of a plane that has just taken off.  The stunts are so ridiculous they make you laugh until you realize that he performed them himself and then you think, how much does this franchise mean to Tom Cruise’s career?

Rebecca Ferguson brings some depth to the formula of spies outwitting villains and each other in their inevitable double cross.   Not only does she have the looks of a Bond girl, she has the acting chops to say and do the most interesting things.

I only wish the movie were twenty minutes shorter.  It is tedious to watch more car chases than absolutely necessary (even if one of them is a  beautifully filmed motorcycle chase).  The music of Turandot is  most welcome.  The scenes in the opera house go on way too long and are a bit confusing.  The weakness of the film lies in the editing and direction, but the main players are strong.  This is a made for summer movie that delivers all of the exciting action you could wish for.  I look forward to seeing Rebecca Ferguson in more movies.





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