Non-Stop (2014)



There is  a stewardess named Nancy played by Michelle Dockery (Mary in Downton Abbey) and a passenger named Jen (Julianne Moore) who needs to sit by the window. One thing you know whenever you fly.  Sitting in the middle is no fun.   Your knees hit the seat in front of you and there’s no where to stretch out.

Non-Stop is a movie about a flight from NY to London.  Neeson plays an air marshall named Bill Marks who begins receiving threatening texts from an unidentified passenger claiming that he will kill someone every 20 minutes if $150 million is not deposited into an identified bank account now.  As the clock starts ticking, Neeson gets to know his fellow passengers on the flight.  Which one is the criminal? He enlists the help of Jen and Nancy the only two people he trusts based on not seeing them use their their cell phones since he boarded.

The shots in the bathroom bring home how claustrophobic an airplane is, and dependent on everyone to have baseline manners.  When someone begins flipping out, it is not just dangerous, it is downright rude.  As the 20th minute ticks by, a person does die, but not as he expected, the first of several surprises.

The story moves along in 20 minutes intervals, with suspense building, and the ending is so tense, I covered my eyes because a little girl’s safety was at stake.   This is Liam Neeson’s movie.  His craggy brow shows all kinds of sorrow and bad times, and even when I thought he was perhaps paranoid, I was rooting for him.  Something about his hulking boxer’s body gives the movie gravitas.





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One Response to Non-Stop (2014)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Patricia. It’s a fun movie, that never always makes perfect sense, but doesn’t really need to keep us thrilled.

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