Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro, an 85 year old sushi master, has two sons. Each will manage his own restaurant one day. Until Jiro retires, which will take him either being too senile or too strange to look at (his idea of when it is time to stay home), he will continue to work in his ten-seat sushi bar in the Tokyo subway station.

This movie is memorable because it shows how passion for your profession transcends everything. The director, David Gelb, interviewed at length food critic Masuhiro Yamamoto. Yamamoto explains what it takes to achieve greatness as a chef. First is consistency in quality. Second is cleanliness. Third is constantly looking for ways to improve or perfect what you are doing. You also need to be a better leader than a collaborator, and finally you need to have passion for what you do.

I thought, (except for the cleanliness perhaps) how similar to teaching, to writing, to any great endeavor. So the movie starts out documenting the life and ways of a great sushi chef, and goes on to be about something more.


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