Hoarding images

July 13

Yesterday walking through the woods, I thought I always carry my camera eager to capture every beautiful thing that I see because I know how short lived these things are and by photographing them I get to keep them for later when I am no longer here in the location where I found these things or when someone has bulldozed over these precious lands and developed the property into a development.


Then I thought I should limit myself to just three shots, and become much more careful about what I capture. I am gone hogwild with digital imagery.  How easy it is to manipulate; I am cropping and enlarging all the time.   I need to be more discriminating, or more patient.  I am such a restless person, pacing back and forth, walking here and there, swimming up and down, instead of just sitting waiting for something to come to me. I am yearning to go out and find it.

Indian Pipe
Unknown lepidoptera

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4 Responses to Hoarding images

  1. Its like a tightrope – that line between being and doing. I think that impatience is a big part of creativity. You SEE something and want to DO something with it. But sometimes the seeing is enough.

  2. Thank you, Pen, for your comment.

  3. Hello there I just popped into your blog and would like to say your photographs are beautiful.

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