At Walmart in Monticello

Of all the Walmarts I have been to, this one seems sort of scruffy.  It is not unusual to run into a pile of things that in the process of being unloaded and put away, are abandoned and not put away.  Sometimes the aisles are empty —  new stock is coming but not there yet.

What  a diverse number of things are on my list– starting with blossom fertilizer and ending with apple fritters — can be found there, and on sale for a cheap price.  I couldn’t believe the price of Schweppes tonic– $.50 cheaper than what I was used to in my little local grocery.  Butter is shockingly cheap when compared to the price in NYC.

I had been wanting a new chef’s apron since my old one got so stained and beat up I threw it away.  Looking on Amazon, chefs aprons sold for $15-20.  At Walmart a chefs apron costs $7.00!

I almost bought some beautiful clay pots in red, green and mustard, just because they were made in Portugal and it is so hard to find anything that is not made in China.  But I did not need clay pots.

Walking down the aisle that sold tuna fish, we came upon a giant can, it must have had enough tuna to feed 50 people.  R wanted to buy it just for the sight of it, so that he could look at the foot high giant can of tuna.

photo courtesy of Walmart

At one point as I was pushing my big cart down the aisle to meet R, I noticed a woman coming furiously at me.  She looked slightly tense, determined to get someplace, and not let anyone get in her way.  It was a mirror and I was aiming at my image.


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