Toy Story 3

What is new about the Toy Story franchise this time is its realism when it comes to garbage disposal.  The whole gang—Potato Head– Mr and Mrs., Cowgirl, Pig, Woody and Buzz Lightyear—at one point face a very scary death after going through what might be a documentary style, ala Mr. Rogers perhaps, look at what happens when you throw things out in your garbage. Here is how the process works, first take the garbage from the street to the truck, then from the truck to the dump, then from the dump to the sorters, from the sorters to the choppers, from the choppers to the wait, is that an inferno down there or what are all those orange flames licking at the sides of the deep hole we are about to descend?
Up until then, we had also had a dose of reality, that is, what the preschoolers at a day care center are really like when left to their own devices.  It isn’t pretty.  It makes the first Toy Story villainous doll look like a good witch.  These children tear the toys limb from limb.


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