The Secrets in their Eyes (movie from Argentina)

A retired lawman (lawyer? policeman? — I never figured out how the Argentinian justice system worked  — people kept calling each other counselor and dottore, and other forms of address that I couldn’t translate into American equivalents) decides to write a novel based on a most haunting murder/rape case that ended without resolution.  In the process of raking through his past, and his role in the case, he comes upon all of his relationships in the office where he worked, especially a certain  supervisor named Irene.  Irene is beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished.  She is obviously the object of his affections.

She helps to crack the case, while subtly breaking the heart of would be writer.  The stories of the love between the two court employees and the chase to bring to justice the vicious killer are intertwined in a most intriguing way. 
I enjoyed the seventies decor and styling.  The whole subject of memory is profound, and treated in a sophisticated way.


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