Why I Love Tennis

It’s one on one, no teamwork required. Unlike beach volleyball or swimming
the women are able to show their curves without displaying so much flesh and you get to watch them move easily in their fitted outfits. It combines running and jumping and hitting
The Williams Sisters, one full of soul

the other fire and precision and competition

and of course there is Federer whose footwork
was compared with Fred Astaire’s

It’s the shock of Rafael Nadal’s constantly picking at his underpants.

and Federer’s mystique as the man who does not sweat, each attribute intimidating in its own way

but the love for the great competitors who can bring out the best in each other is very moving the longer the game lasts.

Roddick and Federer this year at Wimbledon.

Maria Sharapova and her sense of style and hauteur.
The way she lifts her nose as if she smells really good
when she makes a point.

(I do not like the loud noises she makes
when she hits the ball. Sounds like somebody having rough sex.)

Mostly I like the prospect of another Nadal Federer face-off, the most amazing event in sports I can remember. Like a perfect game in baseball. Rare and welcome.


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