Feminist Video at the Brooklyn Museum

What is it about video art? It is concept heavy to me. Yes, there is wit. But after I get the idea, I feel as if I have been lectured a bit. Am I the audience or is it clueless men?

Kate Gilmore (American, b. 1975). Still from Blood from a Stone, 2009. Mixed-media sculpture with video, color, sound, 8 min. 9 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Smith-Stewart, New York

Kate Gilmore’s lifting the big blocks of white and placing them just so on the ledge has a repetition and monotony broken by the white paint that bleeds down in irregular vertical lengths.

The weed whacker wears a nice dress and shoes as she clears a patch of grass too big for that tool.

Harry Dodge (American, b. 1966) and Stanya Kahn (American, b. 1968). Still from Whacker, 2005. Video, color, sound, 7 min. 7 sec. Courtesy of the artists and Elizabeth Dee, New York

Also saw the Dinner Party, and studied some of the exhibits that accompany it. Again, it is intended to teach a lesson. I guess we need the lesson, but I prefer my art without pedantry.

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago


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