PEN World Voices Cabaret

Walter Mosley began with an excerpt from The Long Fall.

Nick Laird read from his poetry books, To a Fault and On Purpose. He was self effasive and charming. He referred to a John Berryman poem as being written 35 years earlier that was better than his poem.

Horacio Castellanos Moya read from his novel in Spanish. The excerpt said that he was not completely in his mind having hired himself out to the Catholic Church to translate a document responsible for many of the troubles he was then in. A drummer accompanied him. A translator read in English.

Steve Connell and Sekou the Misfit did a duo slam rap.

Parker Posey and other acting notables did a performance of the New York State segment from State by State edited by Sean Wilsey.

And of course, Lou Reed whose Metal Music Machine is his focus now to the point where he is almost unable to articulate anything in words, had Laurie Anderson with him. Anderson’s performance of “Only an Expert” was powerful.


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